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  • How can I get the image from my computer to display on my board?

    Verify which input on the projector the computer is plugged into. If you have a wall box between the projector and computer you will need to verify that your VGA cable is plugged into the correct input. Next if you have the VGA cable connected to Computer 1 on the back of the projector ensure in the menu settings that you are also set to Computer 1. For additional information or help please refer to our Knowledge Base Article 10398: My Promethean projector is displaying a blue screen with No Signal instead of my desktop or 10295 Projector Troubleshooting.

  • What is included with the ActivTable?

    1 ActivTable, ActivTable software, educational activities, tools and resources, video tutorials, cover, power cable and Quick Start Guide. (Reference Spec Sheet for details.)

  • Why a Promethean ActivTable?

    ActivTable supports Promethean’s collaborative approach to learning and provides users with an intuitive and easily customizable interface to increase student engagement and promote group learning activities.

  • Where can I get additional content for ActivTable?
    The ActivTable is supplied with a wide range of education activities. You can also create your own activities using the ActivTable Activity Builder. See requirements above under Getting Started.
  • What’s new in ActivEngage2?

    Here is a list of features

    • Brand new architecture – Web based technology built on the Promethean Platform
    • The product DOES NOT live on the cloud. It still has to be installed on the school’s infrastructure. Same as with ActivEngage
    • New ActivEngage2 server web console- Configuration and licensing. Remote web access to the server console
    • Native iOS and Android clients
    • A Web Client that can be used on almost any device through a supported web browser
    • Equation handling by both teacher and student
    • Question Navigation to allow students to go back and forth through questions as they wish
  • My pen has stopped working on the board?

    Try another known working pen on the board and see if the issue replicates. If the second pen is fine try the first pen again and contact Support if pen still does not work

  • Will my ActivEngage license work with ActivEngage2?

    The license keys are different and are not cross compatible, so an ActivEngage license key will not work for ActivEngage2, and vice versa. Please contact your Promethean representative regarding the upgrade path or download and use the free trial version of ActivEngage2 from

  • My calibration is off how can I fix this?

    There are a couple of ways you can calibrate the pen to the board.

    1. Hover the tip of the ActivPen over the flame and hold it until the calibration screen appears.
    2. Click on the ActivManager icon in your system tray and select Calibrate.
    3. Once the calibration screen is up follow the onscreen instructions. You should click on a total of 5 cross hairs for a complete calibration.
  • Where can I download the native client app for Windows and Mac computers for ActivEngage2?

    We have simplified the user experience for PCs and Mac machines by providing a web based client application for ActivEngage2 that does not require a software download or installation.

  • How do I register my ActivExpressions in ActivInspire?

    With the ActivHub connected into the computer open ActivInspire. Click on Edit and select Device Registration. This will open the Device Registration window, select the ActivExpression device and click on the Register button. Follow the onscreen instructions. For additional information or help please refer to our Knowledge Base Article 10385 Registering Activexpression Devices in ActivInspire


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