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    • (Activ)Inspiring Classroom Management
      Flipchart to Accompany the ActivInspiring Classroom Management Webinar
    • accord du participe passe
      Comment accorder le participe passe avec l'auxiliare
    • Eureka Module 8 Lesson 10
      This goes along with Eureka Math, Grade Two, Module 8, Lesson 10
    • Eureka Module 8 Lesson 12
      2nd grade Eureka, Module 8 Lesson 12
    • 2nd Grade Eureka Module 8, Lesson 13
      2nd grade Eureka Module 8, Lesson 13
    • 2nd Grade Eureka Module 8 Lesson11
      2nd grade Eureka Mod 8 Lesson 11
    • Tornado Safety
      a flipchart about tornados and what to do during, before, and after the big storm. This was for my 2nd grade class in OKC.
    • good samaritan
      example of samaritan
    • masculin feminin
      se familiariser avec le genre des noms feminins et masculins reperer et justifier les marques du genre
    • Force de Laplace-Anis Tarabay Ecole St Joseph-Jbeil
      schemas, video, animations, textes, matching
    • Long, Short Vowels and Vowel Consonants
      This is in use for matching and identifying long and short vowels.
    • Music Backgrounds
      8 backgrounds to be used in music classes.
    • I Can Statements CCSS Math K_5th Grade
      Kid Friendly "I Can" Statements for the CCSS Math
    • GroupPicker
      There are 4 groups.
    • Group Picker
      Place students in groups
    • magic ink viewers
      different magic ink icons/viewers
    • Primary Math Puzzles
      A fun flipchart filled with math puzzles. Students will practice basic math skills and have fun at the same time.
    • February Templates for your Activeboard!
      These templates can be used any time you need to post a message on your Activeboard.
    • Boy Fishing
      kid outdoors fishing alone,
    • January Morning Message Templates
      You can use this variety of January templates throughout the day and month.
    • Inventions
      Use ancient innovations and the Industrial Revolution to inspire students to create something of their own.
    • Winter Holidays
      It's chilly outside but lessons are warming up with our Winter Holidays theme!
    • Halloween & Harvest
      Prepare for a spooky halloween & harvest period with this Planet theme!
    • Poetry
      Browse through a collection of resources and ideas to teach your students about the art of poetry.
    • Music
      Fill your classroom with the sound of music through this Music theme.
    • World War I & II
      Resources and ideas for teaching about World War I and II in your classroom, featuring resources from Planet partner, Imperial War Museum.
    • Space
      Take your class on a voyage of discovery as we explore the solar system.
    • Counting
      Make the numbers add up for your young learners with this counting theme!
    • Earth Day
      Resources for teaching about the Earth, conservation, global warming and more.
    • World Religions
      From Hinduism to Christianity, learn about world religions in this theme.
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