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Flipchart Fundamentals

Flipchart Fundamentals

Building a better flipchart begins with having the right tools. Here, we provide six simple steps to help you create great flipchart lessons for your students.

In order to ensure that your lessons function the way you planned, be sure to periodically check for software and driver updates. To find out if you're running the latest version of ActivInspire, go to the dashboard and choose Configure, then Check for Updates.

Step 1: Use proven lesson planning strategies

  • Establish lesson/activity objectives
  • Define expected outcomes
  • Identify attainment targets being addressed
  • Write a description of specific material to be covered during the lesson. 

Helpful Resources

Step 2: Maximize student participation

Attempt to create multiple opportunities for interaction during the lesson. Students can interact in the following ways:

  • verbally
  • individually at the ActivBoard
  • collaboratively at the ActivBoard with Dual Pen activities
  • from their chairs with the ActivSlate
  • as a group using ActivExpression or ActiVotes

A great way to keep students on task is to keep the ActivExpressions or ActiVotes out all the time and ask students to agree or disagree with what an individual has contributed to the discussion or lesson.

Step 3: Start with the basics

Begin by mastering the basic tools, and later move on to more advanced techniques.

  • Type some text on the page.
  • Paint over the text with the pen tool so that you can no longer see the text.
  • During the lesson, use the eraser tool to erase the pen, 'revealing' the text beneath.

Once you're ready to advance your skills, visit ActivTips or take an ActivLearning training course.

Step 4: Use existing resources

Save time by using materials that have already been created:

  • ActivInspire Resource Library: Find a variety of images, backgrounds, activities, page templates, question templates and more, all searchable by keyword!
  • Promethean Planet Free Resources: Thousands of teacher-created flipcharts, weblinks and resource packs ready for download
  • Promethean Planet Store: Professionally designed lessons and resources from trusted publishers at an affordable price

Step 5: Sharpen your skills

The Planet offers you several ways to learn more about your ActivSoftware:

  • Promethean Academy training courses: online or face-to-face options
  • ActivTips: short, how-to videos that cover a variety of ActivSoftware techniques
  • Planet Community: great lesson creation tips from members in the Community blog and forums
  • Training Flipcharts: search for keyword training in the Resources section

Step 6: Share ideas and lessons with others

Perhaps the greatest resource for creating top notch flipcharts are your colleagues. Several schools, via their network servers, create a school wide 'drop box' where teachers can place flipchart lessons for mass consumption, thereby allowing teachers to share the load when it comes to lesson planning. 

The Promethean Planet online resource library is a great place to post lessons as well, particularly because we ensure they are aligned to curriculum topics and student age ranges for you.

Start sharing today! Submit your lesson to the Planet.

ActivInspire Training & Resources

  • Short, how-to video tutorials to boost your Promethean software & hardware skills.

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