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Resume (CV) Writing Tips

  • Resume (CV) writing advice to get the job you want in the education field.


Looking for a job in the education field? View opportunities from across the globe, and find the perfect education-related or teaching job for you.

Promethean and the Guardian have teamed up to provide Planet members with exclusive access to job openings in the Education sector. Highlighting opportunities both at home and abroad, there are a wide variety of jobs available for review. Simply select a region of interest, browse or search for your desired job, then select the link to apply. Happy hunting!


  • Education jobs in Asia, powered by Guardian Jobs


  • Education jobs in Europe, powered by Guardian Jobs

Middle East

  • Education jobs in the Middle East, powered by Guardian Jobs

North America

  • Education jobs in North America, powered by Guardian Jobs

Rest of World

  • Education jobs in the Rest of the World, powered by Guardian Jobs

United Kingdom

  • Education jobs in the UK, powered by Guardian Jobs