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Product Overview

Learn more about ActivEngage and watch a short video.

Welcome to the ActivEngage download and support page!

ActivEngage2, a new version of our virtual student response system, is currently available in English. Please take a moment to determine if your school or district is using ActivEngage or ActivEngage2, as the support and download details for each are different.

Need help determining which you’re using?

  • If you have a device with the software/app installed, just take a look. It should either be labeled “ActivEngage2” or “ActivEngage”.
  • ActivEngage2 is only currently available in English. ActivEngage is available in 14 languages.
  • ActivEngage2 was released on April 22, 2013 for English language users. If your school or district began using our virtual assessment solution prior to this date, you are likely currently using ActivEngage.

If you are currently using ActivEngage with a valid and active* license you can upgrade to ActivEngage2 for free until the end of 2013!

By upgrading you will benefit from additional functionality such as Equation Input and Question Navigation, allowing for a more authentic assessment experience. ActivEngage2 also includes a Web Client that will allow students to participate from almost any device.

To start the upgrade process, please go to Promethean’s End User Registration Site with your School/District details and existing ActivEngage License key(s):

Full details on the Upgrade Process can be found here.

*An active license is either a Perpetual** license, or a Subscription license that is still within its timeframe; expired Subscription licenses will not be upgraded

**For Perpetual licenses, the Maintenance and Support (M&S) time period remaining on the original ActivEngage license will be transferred to the ActivEngage2 license; perpetual licenses have a One Year M&S when first purchased

ActivEngage2 support and download details are available from the ActivEngage2 support page.

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