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Created by teachers, for teachers, Promethean Planet is a unique teaching, sharing and support community—your place to connect, create, and change the classroom!

  • Lessons to support Hispanic Heritage month.

    Classroom resources and ideas to support Hispanic Heritage month.

    Lessons for Hispanic Heritage Month
  • Promethean Planet celebrates 2 million members.
    Celebrating 2 Million Members on Promethean Planet
  • Ideas and resources for teaching students about standards of measurement.

    Ideas and resources for teaching students about standards of measurement, the metric system, conversions, temperatures, weights, volume and more!

    Weights and Measures Theme
  • New ActivInspire 2.0 is ready for download (English only).

    New ActivInspire 2.0 is ready for download (English only), learn more about this version.

    Learn more about Promethean's ActiInspire 2.0

In the Spotlight

Fun Fall Activities
The smell of fall is in the air. Bring the season into your classroom with these fall inspired activities.
Bully Prevention Month

Use the lesson ideas and resources inside this theme to teach students what bullying is, how to handle acts of bullying and more. 

Fun with Dice & Cards

Looking for exciting ways to practice mathematics skills? Try these ideas using dice and cards.

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Editor's Picks

October Teaching Resources

Need to know what's happening in October? Find out here, and get lessons and activities to go along with each event. 

Place Value Lessons

Hundreds of lessons and activities to make learning about and reviewing place value fun for students.

Poetry Lessons

Choose from hundreds of lessons for teaching the different types of poetry, including haikus and limericks. 

Fractions and Equivalent Fractions

Teaching fractions? Choose from hundreds of lessons, videos and activities to help students understand fraction concepts.

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