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    • Picnic Making Inferences
      Based on the story The Picnic
    • Community Helpers Graph
      Graphing activity where students roll die and color in appropriate graph square.
    • Reading Camp PowerPoint
      Teachers will be able to follow the outline to successfully teach their student the outline.
    • حرف الميم
      شرح درس عن حرف الميم لصفّ الروضة الأولى
    • Fractons
      This is a starter on understanding fractions.
    • la couleur rouge by Marie bou rouphael
      maginc inc drag a copy container
    • How to create SOLO hexagons using ActivInspire tools
      Practical tips to help you quickly generate SOLO hexagons using ActivInspire tools: Shape Fill / Restrictors / Drag a copy
    • Community Helper/Career Graph
      Graph that requires students to roll die and color in the correct graph item.
    • Fractions Greater than 1 Number Line
      Fractions Greater than 1 Number Line
    • Fractions of a set 2
      Fractions of a set 2
    • Decimal number arrows
      Decimal number arrows, up to 3 decimal places, to help teach understanding of place value in decimal numbers.
    • Math Topics for Grades 4-9
      This flipchart contains 32 pages of activities. They cover a variety of math topics slanted towards grades 4-9.
    • Spinners, Tops, and Timers
      This is an 11 page resource that includes excellent resources for you to use in your flipcharts and class activities.
    • Spinners and More
      Math and Phonics Spinners, Interactive Number Lines, Random Number Generators written in Flash or Widget format are provided.
    • Weather Forecasts
      Interactive weather map of Canada.
    • lunch
    • lunch what
    • Sorry
    • Winter Backgrounds 2
      This is a 96 page resource pack containing a variety of templates with snowflakes and snowmen.
    • Some of My Favorite OnLine Teacher Tools and Activities for You to Explore
      People are always asking for good sources of math activities for their student. I wrote this flipchart to fill those needs.
    • Inventions
      Use ancient innovations and the Industrial Revolution to inspire students to create something of their own.
    • Winter Holidays
      It's chilly outside but lessons are warming up with our Winter Holidays theme!
    • Halloween & Harvest
      Prepare for a spooky halloween & harvest period with this Planet theme!
    • Poetry
      Browse through a collection of resources and ideas to teach your students about the art of poetry.
    • Music
      Fill your classroom with the sound of music through this Music theme.
    • World War I & II
      Resources and ideas for teaching about World War I and II in your classroom, featuring resources from Planet partner, Imperial War Museum.
    • Space
      Take your class on a voyage of discovery as we explore the solar system.
    • Counting
      Make the numbers add up for your young learners with this counting theme!
    • Earth Day
      Resources for teaching about the Earth, conservation, global warming and more.
    • World Religions
      From Hinduism to Christianity, learn about world religions in this theme.
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  • The World Cup is here, and Planet is celebrating with these related resources.
    Find lesson ideas and resources to teach students about sporting events.

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