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    • Project
      "How to write a Letter"
    • Everyday Math Unit 2.11 Number Models First Grade
      Flipchart to be used with math lesson
    • Animal Eyes
      Students identify animals by their eyes, learn about them through answering short questions, and unscramble their names.
    • Beginning Calendar Skills Gr. 2-5
      Games and Activities that introduce calendar skills and extend them
    • Calendar Math and Beyond Gr. 3-7
      Many fun learning activities with calendars and information about calendars
    • Bad Breath: What Causes It & What to Do About It
      Students will understand some of the common causes of bad breath & how to prevent it as well get rid of it when it occurs.
    • Algebra: Properties of Multiplication
      Help students learn the properties of multiplication.
    • Animal Behaviors
      This flipchart has links to youtube videos to show behaviors of animals and how they survive.
    • Finding Square Roots by Hand
      Calculating square roots without a calculator.
    • Applying Special Right Triangles
      This is a flipchart to assist teacher while teaching and introducing the concept of Applying special right triangles.
    • Rocks & Minerals Images
      This resource pack includes 20+ images for teaching students about rocks & minerals
    • Fossil Backgrounds
      This resource packs contains page backgrounds and templates to support a lesson on fossils.
    • Assorted Backgrounds & Templates
      This resource pack contains over 120 page backgrounds and templates for creating flipchart lessons.
    • Ser vs. Estar flipchart
      Review of Ser vs. Estar
    • lunch choice
      Easy way to let your students make their lunch choice first thing in the morning
    • Veggies and Animals
      An image that can have multiple uses in the classroom.
    • World Cup 2014 - How are the stadiums designed?
      A look at how stadiums are created before designing your own!
    • World Cup 2014 - Getting to know Brazil!
      Learn where Brazil is on a world map and key facts about the country!
    • Hydrangas
      This is a nice image of some flowers
    • Tulips
    • Inventions
      Use ancient innovations and the Industrial Revolution to inspire students to create something of their own.
    • Winter Holidays
      It's chilly outside but lessons are warming up with our Winter Holidays theme!
    • Halloween & Harvest
      Prepare for a spooky halloween & harvest period with this Planet theme!
    • Poetry
      Browse through a collection of resources and ideas to teach your students about the art of poetry.
    • Music
      Fill your classroom with the sound of music through this Music theme.
    • World War I & II
      Resources and ideas for teaching about World War I and II in your classroom, featuring resources from Planet partner, Imperial War Museum.
    • Space
      Take your class on a voyage of discovery as we explore the solar system.
    • Counting
      Make the numbers add up for your young learners with this counting theme!
    • Earth Day
      Resources for teaching about the Earth, conservation, global warming and more.
    • World Religions
      From Hinduism to Christianity, learn about world religions in this theme.
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  • The World Cup is here, and Planet is celebrating with these related resources.
    Find lesson ideas and resources to teach students about sporting events.

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